Impact of Giving

Gifts to the Faculty of Medicine contribute to improving health locally, nationally, and internationally. Explore some examples of what our students and faculty are achieving with donor support.

MSAC: Thank you for 25 years of giving
As UBC celebrates the 25-year anniversary of MSAC, we take pride in recognizing the tremendous impact the building has had on students, alumni and the wider medical community in British Columbia. Read More >

An Evidence-Based Alternative to Happy App
Searching for an app to track your moods? Choices abound: Moody Me, MoodPanda, HappyApp and Depression Cure. But professional-grade tools are scarce. UBC faculty members, sensing a need, went to work. Read More >

A New Home for Sports Medicine, with Help from a Pioneering Physician
Even before Canada’s first sports medicine clinic opened at UBC in 1979, its founders noticed a connection between the repetitive strain injuries of athletes and the obscure findings of a physician with the Workers’ Compensation Board of British Columbia. Read More >

A Surge Toward New Solutions for People with Parkinson’s
Kurt Gagel’s love of cycling began in boyhood, biking to school each day in Bremen, Germany. It continued into adulthood, on cycling tours through his native land and other parts of Europe, and during rides around his adopted hometown of Vancouver. Read More >

A Venture-Capital Approach to Supporting Science
Cheryl Wellington knew a few tricks of the trade when she set out to buy new equipment for her neuroscience lab, thanks to strategic advice from the business veterans supporting her dementia research. Read More >

The Taoist Path to Better Cardiology Care
Western Canada’s only Taoist temple is easy to miss on a walk through Vancouver’s Chinatown. Perched on the third-floor above a gift shop, the shrine provides a quiet place for the temple’s followers to light incense, say prayers and shake cups of wooden sticks to find their fortunes. Read More >

Alva Foundation Supports the Search for Seizure Genes
When Gavin Vadocz was three months old, his body was beset by twitching and rapid eye movements. After being diagnosed with “unknown cause epilepsy,” his mother prepared to administer a regimen of pills for the rest of Gavin’s childhood. Read More >

ClearWealth Advisors Inc. in Vancouver supports the expansion of orthopaedic care to rural Uganda
Newly trained orthopaedic surgeons are ready to set up practice at regional hospitals across rural Uganda, except the operating rooms aren’t equipped with the high-tech tools they need. Read More >

The Sensor Project Launches to Save Thousands of Lives in the Developing World
The first fundraiser for the Sensor Project was held on May 28, 2015, raising more than $13,000 for a life-saving initiative in the developing world led by UBC clinicians and scientists. Read More >

Chinese Immigrants Linked by Contributions to Canadian Health
Chew Wei came to Vancouver late in his life. Tak Wah Mak made the same journey in his youth – first to the U.S., then to Canada. But the two men had much more than their migration in common: They also contributed mightily to cancer research in their adopted homeland. Read More >