Impact of Giving

Gifts to the Faculty of Medicine contribute to improving health locally, nationally, and internationally. Explore some examples of what our students and faculty are achieving with donor support.

A vision for the Downtown Eastside: Better eyesight
The patients who come to the Faculty of Medicine’s eye clinic on East Hastings Street have conditions rarely encountered in the rest of Vancouver: repeated eye trauma, damage from HIV-related infections, venereal infections in the eyes, talc from injected cocaine blocking blood vessels. Such is the nature of ophthalmology in the Downtown Eastside. Read More >

Brain change
Lara Boyd explores whether an unorthodox curriculum has a neurological impact on children. Read More >

Funding moves treatments closer to a cure for Crohn’s and colitis
Most Canadians wouldn’t associate their country with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. But, with 230,000 Canadians living with these diseases, Crohn’s and colitis have been called “Canada’s disease”. Read More >

Exercising health across BC: physical therapy students learn in more communities
For urban Canadians, access to physical therapy is rarely in question. For BC residents in northern or rural locations, however, access to health professionals can’t be taken for granted. Read More >

Hope for families with heart rhythm disorders
In early 2010, Victor Thay, a fun-loving friend, generous family member, and accomplished fund manager, passed away from sudden cardiac arrest. His friends, family, and even he himself did not know that he had been living with Long QT syndrome. Read More >

A glowing display to celebrate philanthropy
On July 25, 2014 the UBC Faculty of Medicine completed an update to its donor wall in the Life Sciences Centre, commemorating its wide range of generous supporters. Read More >

A self-funded effort at academic enrichment
For more than 20 years, UBC radiologists have been funding -- out of their own pockets -- fellowships for residents and newly-appointed specialists from Canada and beyond. Read More >

Conscious Coupling: Elaine Carty introduces Visiting Scholars
Midwifery is a field of study caught between modern and ancient: an emerging field in Canada, yet a timeless tradition around the world. A new initiative will add even more excitement. Read More >

A student’s dedication gets recognition… and enables her to do more
Jacqueline Hudson, an anesthesiology resident at UBC, knew from previous trips to Uganda about that country's dire need for better medical care, especially in the operating room. Thanks to the Dr. Dimitrios Giannoulis Memorial Prize for Overseas Rotation Research in Anesthesia, she can do something about it. Read More >

Thank you for supporting our students
Donors to student awards in the Faculty of Medicine at UBC make a tremendous difference in our students’ lives. As our students learn, conduct research, and do clinical placements in hospitals and medical offices across the province and around the world, they have support from donors behind them. This year, we wanted to give our […] Read More >