A Family Raised on Giving

The VanderHoek family of Langley took a day off work and school in September to present cheques totalling $32,013 to the Faculty of Medicine for diabetes research.

VanderHoek Family Raises $32,013 for Diabetes Research at the UBC Faculty of Medicine

Jennifer Bruin, Lucas, Joel, Paige, Tyler, Christie, and Bryan VanderHoek with Megan Rose of CYCLE4: What Matters

The gift was the product of a family fund-raising project inspired by its youngest member, 10-year-old Paige, who suffers from Type 1 diabetes. “Diabetes affects our whole family,” Bryan, the father, says. “It’s Paige’s disease, but we all live with it and help her manage it.”

Each member of the family pitched in with the fund-raising. Bryan and his wife, Christie, organized three golf tournaments with the help of their children, Tyler, 18, Joel, 16, Lucas, 14 and Paige. Some of the proceeds sponsored Tyler to undertake two fund-raising cycling trips across B.C. – Cyclebetes and CYCLE4: What Matters.

“I went for it to help my sister,” Tyler says.

The children made up for the day off school with a different type of science class. They toured the diabetes research laboratory in the Life Sciences Institute with post-doctoral fellow Jennifer Bruin, a member of the research team led by Professor Timothy Kieffer.

“I like what we’re doing together,” says Paige, who was diagnosed at age 5. “It makes me happy.”

To support diabetes research, please contact Leanne Denis at 604.803.7633.