A student’s dedication gets recognition… and enables her to do more

Jacqueline-HudsonJacqueline Hudson, an anesthesiology resident at UBC, knew from previous trips to Uganda about that country’s dire need for better medical care, especially in the operating room. Thanks to the Dr. Dimitrios Giannoulis Memorial Prize for Overseas Rotation Research Projects in Anesthesia, she can do something about it.

The prize was created to honor Dr. Giannoulis, a former Director of Anesthesia Undergraduate Training whose life was cut short by cancer in 2008, at the age of 38.

His death inspired a group of relatives, friends, colleagues and donors to create a fund for two endowed prizes in anesthesia, one of which is helping Dr. Hudson return to Uganda to spread the use of an inexpensive, mobile-phone enabled pulse oximeter, which measures a person’s blood oxygen level — standard equipment for any anesthetic that is largely absent in developing countries.