Bayer Inc. commitment gives rise to the UBC Bleeding Disorders Collaboratory

Bayer Inc. supports the UBC Bleeding Disorders Collaboratory

L-R: Dr. Shannon Jackson, Clinical Assistant Professor, Division of Hematology, Shiera Stuart, Manager, Government Affairs, Bayer Inc., Dr. Ed Conway, Director, Centre for Blood Research, Doug Grant, Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Bayer Inc., Sarah Mink, Business Relations Manager, Bayer Inc., Jan North, Scientific Affairs Liaison, Bayer Inc., Dr. John Wu, Clinical Professor, Department of Pediatrics.

Bayer Inc. is providing financial support to the UBC Faculty of Medicine to expand research into bleeding disorders and to foster greater sharing of hematology knowledge among basic and clinical scientists.

The $750,000 commitment will enable the creation of the UBC Bleeding Disorders Collaboratory, comprised of a pediatric section based at BC Children’s Hospital, an adult section at St. Paul’s Hospital and a Centre for Blood Research (CBR) section on UBC’s Vancouver campus.

“Bleeding disorders such as hemophilia can mean significant limitations on a child’s ability to take part in the everyday things most children take for granted – like playing with friends or family,” said Doug Grant, Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Bayer Inc. “Long-term effects can restrict adult patients’ abilities to lead active, healthy lives. It’s with these patients in mind that we’re especially proud to support the UBC Bleeding Disorders Collaboratory.”

The overarching goal is to bring together all of the key players involved in the care of individuals with bleeding disorders – clinicians, basic scientists, students at all levels, technicians, technologists, nurses, physiotherapists, orthopedists, and more – to solve the urgent problems faced by patients.

“The UBC Bleeding Disorders Collaboratory will improve care for patients suffering from hemophilia and other bleeding disorders through a program that integrates pediatric and adult care, enables expanded research at clinical sites, and fosters more intensive networking among basic scientists and clinical scientists,” said Howard Feldman, Executive Associate Dean, Research, Faculty of Medicine. “I would like to express the Faculty of Medicine’s profound gratitude to Bayer Inc. for helping us to realize this vision, and I look forward to seeing the fruits of these initiatives in the years to come.”