Impact of Giving

Gifts to the Faculty of Medicine contribute to improving health locally, nationally, and internationally. Explore some examples of what our students and faculty are achieving with donor support.

UBC medical student uses bursary to make a big difference in small communities
When Maryam Garabedian found out she received a bursary from Doctors of BC, she was immediately excited by the prospect of being able to pursue one of the projects on her wish list that would benefit communities in need. “This support broadens the opportunities I get to engage in,” says Maryam, a third-year student in […] Read More >

A father and surgeon’s legacy
After the loss of their father, Dr. Graham Clay (1931-2017), Jennifer Clay and Sarah McLeod were inspired to establish an award in the UBC Faculty of Medicine for medical students matched to a residency in surgery, as a way to memorialize their father’s enthusiasm for teaching students and advancing patient care. The future impact of […] Read More >

Youth living well with Bipolar Disorder
Once Amir was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, he was eager to understand this brain disorder that causes unusual shifts in mood, energy and activity levels. He didn’t need to look any further than Vancouver to find Dr. Erin Michalak, network leader of CREST.BD, a team that studies psychosocial issues in bipolar disorder with youth ages […] Read More >

Shedding new light on life with personalized medicine
After listening to bedtime stories and watching the light switch off, Olivia Grech lay in her new toddler bed next to her mother and tried to fall asleep. Glow-in-the-dark stars stuck to the ceiling shone down on her, but her mother noticed that Olivia never pointed at them. When Olivia turned two years old, her […] Read More >

Supporting tomorrow’s clinician-scientists
Philip Edgcumbe’s latest invention flips organs inside-out. The miniature projector he developed, dubbed the “Pico Lantern,” overlays a map of subsurface blood vessels on organs during minimally invasive surgeries. The result? The promise of faster, less costly surgeries, with a reduced risk of surgeons accidentally nicking blood vessels and causing surgical bleeds. As a sixth-year […] Read More >

Learning in Rural BC Builds Experience and Lifelong Bonds
Rural communities across BC are facing a critical shortage of physicians. UBC is helping address this health care challenge by introducing students to rural opportunities at a time when they are forming decisions about their career paths. Mike Bergunder was one of 250 students who travelled to a rural community as part of his third year of medical training. Read More >

A 25-year partnership in professionalizing occupational hygiene
A quarter-century ago, UBC and the Workers’ Compensation Board saw the need to improve the safety and health of workers in British Columbia, many of them employed in the forestry and oil and gas industries. Solutions to workplace hazards and knowledge about the health effects, they agreed, should come from professionals with specialized training. Read More >

Weaving threads for equity
When Laura Bulk, MOT’14, is on the job as an occupational therapist, she helps people who were injured in motor vehicle accidents continue doing the activities that bring meaning to their lives. Read More >

One B.C. Leader Pays Tribute to Another
Brandt Louie, chair of British Columbia’s second largest retailer, London Drugs, was the first to support a professorship to honour the legacy of Victor Gomel, the pioneering head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Read More >

A cruel disease, two maverick approaches
Neil Cashman and Blair Leavitt have been willing to climb out onto separate limbs – perhaps farther than many colleagues would be willing to go – in their respective efforts to find a treatment for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Read More >